Mega-Catch™ULTRA Trap Reviews – Pro 900 Series (MCU-900)

Released in May 2011, Top-of-the-line Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Traps successfully mimic sensory signals to attract mosquitoes and other common biting insects from as far away as 150 feet. Revolutionary Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) settings, and there are literally thousands of options, enable the ULTRA to be fine-tuned to target specific mosquito species. For instant start up, this state of the art machine also features a one-touch, easy ‘press n go’ option. Literally – the latest mosquito control technology at the touch of a button!


“The Mega Catch Ultra 900 series was well worth the investment.  I’ve been running it regularly for about a week and it’s taking care of our areas mosquito problem with no doubt. After 4 days I emptied the wet trap and there was about an inch thick of dead mosquitoes and my wife and I are able to enjoy the back yard again. Not only is the machine working but Mike Bremner, my sales contact followed through on all of his promises by hooking us up with the Alpha even after the free offer had expired.  It’s not easy these days to get that type of service.  Thanks again to the engineers and the service personal.  A+.”
D. Mudrak
Wisconsin, U.S.A

“I should mention that I live in the Santa Barbara foothills. Though the squeeter population is nothing like Florida et al it does have sufficient squeeters to keep my wife indoors at night. The Mosquito Magnet had been partially successful but the research papers on the Mega-Catch™ Ultra caught my attention. The Pro 900 sucked me in what with its amazing array of adjustments. I was especially attracted to the timer option which allows me to only run it for the times that I wish… early morning and dusk. And I loved the idea of using a CO2 cylinder rather than creating CO2 with a constant flame using propane. I just don’t feel comfy knowing there’s a constant flame burning in the Mosquito Magnet.

Bottom line: I’m quite happy with this Pro 900. And I’m only running it for 6 hours a day (automatically). I suspect that I’ll only empty the bucket perhaps once a week once the nerdy thrill of counting the catch wears off.  And with such low volume here in California, I don’t foresee any jam-up issues like some mention on previous models. I am currently using the Mega-Catch™ Octenol cartridge (a lot larger container than Mosquito Magnet’s Octenol cartridge) but will switch over to their new Combo bait once this one wears out (about 30 days I believe). That will be interesting to see if the Combo changes counts or varieties.

BTW, I filled my CO2 cylinder at my local ice factory for $18.50. Since I’m only using for 6 hours a day, I suspect that will last me 4 or 5 months. Heck, that’s the whole season for me! I’m saving a bunch on propane now. Nice. I’ll try to upgrade this once I start using their new attractant “Combo”. I’ll also wait for the suggested 6 to 8 week period to see impact on squeeter population but judging by the number of young I’m catching, I suspect this will go quicker than that. I’ll also update if any reliability issues. But it looks like a pretty solid unit.”
T. Lucy
Carpinteria, U.S.A

Very Pleasantly Surprised:
“I bought this after some research and consistent bad reviews for the Mosquito Magnet. Opening the box was disappointing (due to the price), but I thought I’d give it a try. Without the CO2 hookup it worked no better than my zapper light, but seemed to kill less moths. I finally got around to getting a CO2 tank and hooking it up. 4 days later,..OMG…mosquito decimation!! I had actually forgotten about it but had noticed the dramatic drop in the number of mosquitoes at our front door. When I checked the trap, I was stunned. Then I emptied it and could not believe how many mosquitoes were there.

There were 2 things that really impressed me with this unit:
1- How many mosquitoes it caught. Truly astonishing.
2- How many other insects it did not catch. To target this insect so well, what more could you ask for?
I will report back if I have any problems, but so far 5 stars*****. Source