Mega-Catch™ PREMIER Trap Reviews – Pro 900 Series (MCP-900)

Pro 900 Premier Mosquito TrapMega-Catch™ Premier Mosquito Traps have been further refined for 2011.  Easy one touch operation, the Premier or “Eco Trap” is a simplified version of the Mega-Catch™ Premier XC and Ultra Mosquito Traps, utilizing many of the same features and hardware.  The Premier has the same heat output and the same high quality, digitally controlled fan which is used in the Ultra and Premier XC traps. An additional feature, locked rotor protection, means if the fan jams or detects a blockage i.e. stick, lizard or frog, it stops and then re trys until the blockage is cleared.


“This is a simple and very effective catcher. I happen to have the prior series (800) and this 900 series.  I run mine (2) 24/7 all summer from early spring. Even though a control module allows for custom timer/programming, I just leave mine “on” always.

If you don’t use CO2, you’re getting the ones attracted to scent and the Premier (or Ultra) strobing lights. Up here in Mass, we have a catalog of 50 different species – a good number can be attracted without CO2.

Best non-octenal lures
I’ve had good luck with wet catch bucket; here’s the mixture
– add about 4oz of “real” Pepsi
– add about 2 tablespoons imitation vanilla extract (the cheap stuff you can buy $3/pint at Costco). Yes, it works, you don’t have to be exact.
– Fill the rest of the bucket (3/4 or more) with water and 3 drops of dish washing soap to break the surface tension of the water.”  
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S. Dupre
MA, U.S.A.

“This trap is amazing!!  I have The Premier Pro 900, it’s been working now for about 24 hrs and it’s constantly covered with Mosquitoes!! I can’t believe it!! It worked right away…curiosity got the best of me and I checked the catch bowl this morning and it had at least 200 skeeters in it!! Wow – already!!!   Finally a gadget that actually works as described.  I’m so happy with it.  I live in Northern N.H. and it ate up quite a few black flies as well in it’s first 24 hrs.  Can’t wait for it to be running for a few weeks so it will really put a dent in the blood-sucking beasts.  Great Product, easy set up, very quiet; and I watched them hover around it and get sucked right in!! Very gratifying to see them meet their demise.”

J. Swenson
Tamworth, NH

“We have had both machines [PREMIER MCP-800 and PREMIER MCP-900] running about 100 to 150 yards from each other. We have switched them out twice and so far we can find no difference in the catches of either machine. We have enjoyed a completely mosquito free season and the perimeter has extended out about 100 feet further than last years.”

“Thank you again, you and your organization have been a Godsend for us and we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate it and all you have done.”

Ric Lehman
Haven Horse Ranch
St Augustine, FL

“You guys are so awesome to send these tips – thanks!  My machines [PREMIER MCP-900 and ALPHA MCA-600] are working so well, the decrease in mosquitoes in the first month has been dramatic.  Thank you!!”

G. Hannon
Jersey City, NJ