Mega-Catch™ ALPHA Trap Reviews – Pro 900 Series (MCA-900)

Pro 900 Alpha Mosquito TrapThe  Mega-Catch Pro 900 Alpha is an entry-level mosquito trap packed with features; including some of the same winning technology as the top performing Ultra and Premier traps.  Refined for 2011, the Pro 900 Series Alpha has an improved heat profile and multi-frequency UV LED’S which increases capture rates.  With these enhancements, the Pro 900 Alpha will catch even more mosquitoes than the earlier model (MCA-600).


At first glance, the unit looked small and was somewhat underwhelming. It made me wonder if it would be able to actually keep the mosquitoes off my patio. Of course, this certainly did not deter me in any way shape or form. This year we want our backyard back and we have placed all our hopes on Mega-Catch™.”

How I used it

“It took me all of 3 minutes to unpack it, un-wrap the cords, place the mosquito attractant in, read the instructions and plug it in! Mega-Catch™ is an extremely simple product to use, almost so simple that you begin to wonder if it really is going to work.

Well let me tell you, this puppy works and it works well! It is the plug and play device of the mosquito world. Just to give you a bit of background, last year we were unable to open our back door because the mosquitoes were so bad. At first when I noticed that we didn’t have many mosquitoes on the back porch I just thought this year was not a bad year for mosquitoes; well, was I ever wrong. My daughter came home from school the other day with 3 welts on her arms from, you guessed it, mosquitoes. And every day since she has come home with additional bites; so this year we are definitely experiencing an increase in mosquitoes I just so happen not to notice them on my back porch, why, because I have Mega-Catch™!

I waited a week before checking the mosquito catch on the bottom of the unit and was thrilled to find that it was filled with mosquitoes, although I didn’t quite realize that it would also catch moths. I would rather not kill them, but it is a small price to pay to have a useable porch and backyard for 6 months out of the year. Of course, Mega-Catch™ is not a miracle machine; if you are going to be outside for extended periods of time I would certainly recommend that you use some type of all natural bug repellant as well as not use perfume, but overall this unit works incredibly well. Actually, it works so well that I recommended that my daughter’s school purchase multiple units for their play yard.”

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?

“She absolutely approves of it. Mega-Catch™ does not use any pesticides or toxic ingredients to kill mosquitoes. It uses advanced technology to outsmart them, trap them and then kill them.”

Is it a Healthy Product?

“Mosquito bites can not only affect ones quality of life they can also cause serious health problems. Decreasing the mosquito population around your home is not only preferable for your enjoyment it is healthier. And using a non-toxic, non chemical based approach is the best way to go.”

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

“Without hesitation – Mega-Catch™ is a well built, high quality product that does exactly what it says.”

Bottom Line:

“5 Stars. We have our backyard back thanks to Mega-Catch™.”

Michelle Toole

Healthy Holistic Living