Mega-Catch™ ULTRA Trap Reviews – 800 Series (MCU-800)

Developed by EnviroSafe Technologies, and released in 2002, the Mega-Catch Ultra (MCU-800) Trap was one of the world’s most advanced CO2 mosquito traps.  The Mega-Catch™ Ultra was put to the test in challenging places like the swamps of Florida and Far Northern Queensland in Australia.  The test results showed that the trap significantly outperformed competing machines, including the Mosquito Magnet Liberty and Pro, in nearly every respect.



“For years I had a bulky and difficult to use Mosquito Magnet, which was very temperamental and required CO2 and Propane changes.  When it finally broke and repairs required us to send the heavy unit out of the region it was a problem because we would lose the machine and have to purchase another (nearly $349) because we needed to be insect free.  I decided to try the Mega-Catch.

This machine is easy and I have not seen or been bitten by an insect in a month.  Unlike our previous unit, this is light-weight, not impacted by unexpected rain, easy to move, does not make noise, and it was much cheaper to purchase and to maintain.  We will throw the broken Mosquito Magnet Defender out!”
P. Kopald

Beverly Hills, CA

“We moved from Florida to Arlington Texas last year and brought our 6 year old Mega-Catch with us. It is still running dependably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . There have been 7 cases of West Nile Virus here and I am very appreciative of the effectiveness of our old, weather beaten Ultra. The first week we had it running, the catch cup collected a lot every day. Now it takes several days to collect the same amount, with a noticeable decrease in mosquito parts.

So, here we are in Texas where everything is bigger, including the mosquitoes.
Thanks again!”
J. Martin
Arlington, TX

“The machine [Ultra] seems to be eliminating most of them as there are very few bugs annoying us. Anytime I have been close to the machine when it is running, I have noticed there are bugs swarming the machine at the site and when I empty the trap there has been a fair amount of bugs in the container, how many I am not sure, as I am really not into trying to count them. The site of the trap is at the extent of the 60 ft cord from the electrical outlet on our house, which is approximately where the tree line begins on our 2.75 acre lot. The site has worked well for us as it has kept the machine shaded for most part as recommended in the operation manual and at a spot closest to the source of the bugs. We are running the trap at setting #3 from 6am to 9am and then 6pm to 10 pm with the liquid catch container. Obviously, the more bugs, the more the machine is challenged but right now we are quite happy with the results and the bug situation. We also understand that when the bug population does increase the machine will not eliminate completely, but we are fairly confident that it will definitely help decrease the bug population to a level where we can be comfortable outside.”
L. Orpwood

Huntsville, ON

“We are very happy users of 3 traps since 6-7 years back.  Fantastic little machines – we have since then been able to enjoy the summers in a COMPLETELY different way! We use 3 traps, two up at an old farmhouse with a big 2 acre garden surrounded by a stream that stops “moving” in the summer (i.e. becomes a heaven for the mossies), and one at our beach residence where we do not really have a mosquito problem.

Up at the farmhouse, the traps when rigged and started up in early June, tend to catch around 500 – 1000 mossies / day for the first five to ten days. After that the daily “bag” is much smaller.

We keep the two machines about 100 meters apart. 

Many thanks for your excellent customer support over the years – very generous and attentive.”
B. Airas