Mosquito Trap Reviews

600/800 Series

Trusted, proven, tested and used by thousands of US households since 2002 – Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps have consistently out-performed competing brands in independent scientific trials.  The 600/800 Series traps were discontinued in 2011 to be replaced by the next generation Pro 900 Series Mosquito Traps. However, a full range of parts and accessories is still available from Mega-Catch’s™ on-line  store to keep these old ‘work horses’ operating.  “I received the Ultra 800 Refurbishment Pack today.  I installed the new “control box” and the “Fan” and now the unit works like new.  Kudos to the engineers who designed the unit as this major repair was easy to do.  Please pass this on.”  Tom Mierzejewki (23 May 2015).

Alpha MCA- 600

Premier MCP-800

Ultra MCU- 800

Pro 900 Series

The new Pro 900 Series machines incorporate Mega-Catch’s™ patented technology plus revolutionary design features that employ the latest mosquito attracting science to lure hungry, biting mosquitoes.  “We purchased the Mega-Catch Ultra w/CO2 kit 3 weeks ago and the results are amazing. We live in Northern MN and this year has been the worst we’ve ever seen for Mosquitoes. Its the end of June and we still have standing water all around us due to all the rain. The mosquitoes were so bad we couldn’t go outside without a suit of armor and lots of bug repellent. We emptied our wet trap bucket after 3 days and had what looked like 300-500 mosquitoes in it. Since then we’ve been moving the unit around our yard and emptying it every 3 days with the same results. To sum it up, now we can mow and trim our yard with out bug spray! Great product, well worth the investment and well built!” K. Burton (1 July 2014)

Pro 900
Pro 900
Premier XC
Pro 900
Pro 900