Mega-Catch™ PREMIER Trap Reviews – 800 Series (MCP-800)

Trusted, proven, tested and used by thousands of US households since 2002, Mega-Catch™ Premier mosquito traps are simple to operate and are a highly effective product to reduce backyard mosquitoes.  A consumer favorite, the Premier is designed to run 24/7 and catches midges, mosquitoes and other biting insects.  Environmentally friendly and energy efficient the Premier uses less power than a 40 watt light bulb.


“We live facing a public park/wood, and about 100 feet or more into the woods is a swamp (unseen). We bought the house in March 2005. That was the only year when, part of the time, we could sit on the deck that faces the woods.

We bought the Mega-Catch™ machines [PREMIER] about 2 1/2 years ago. The first year, we put them out too late. The next year, we put them out early and the machines were never disconnected or maintained in any way for the next year and a half.

Finally this past week I went down and got both machines (it’s down in a wooded valley which, in the past, was over run by mosquitoes).  One machine had been unplugged — perhaps by a passerby. The other was still going strong, 24 hours a day. The unplugged one had 1 inch of bugs and the other one was full, even though the skirts had blown off of both machines. The machine that was still plugged in and working is, to me, the whole reason that this year, for the first time, we’ve been able to sit on our deck and enjoy the woods, even on hot, humid August days! ! !

I plan to just leave them down there till next year — they seem to do the job, even with little or no bait! I’m trying to tell everybody in our neighborhood, because the rest of them are still having problems!”

C. Rush
Dayton, OH


“The PREMIER works perfectly.  Thanks for your very impressive customer support, we need more dedicated and professional people like you in the business world. I will definitely promote your products and outstanding customer service to family, friends and more. Here in Moonbeam, Ontario, Canada, the mosquito population is unbelievably high, and I am sure many others will be interested in your great products.”

D. Plourde
Moonbeam, ON

“I visited my parents for a week’s vacation and took my Mega-Catch™ [PREMIER trap] with me. They live on the bay and the No-See-Ums (biting midges) are horrible. I didn’t know it but the Yellow Flies had gotten bad as well. I haven’t counted the final results in the catch bag, but half way through the week, you could walk outside with no problems what so ever. That hasn’t happened in a long time at their house. I am guessing we caught over 200 Yellow Flies and thousands of No-See-ums. We even had quite a few mosquitoes in the catch bag and they said they didn’t even know there were mosquitoes out there. So once again, the Mega-Catch has proven it works and under some of the harshest conditions anywhere, the salt marshes of NW Florida.

Thanks for your help and an excellent product.”

M. Adcock
Dublin, GA