Mega-Catch™ PREMIER XC Trap Reviews – Pro 900 Series (MCP-900xc)

Brand new for 2011, the Mega-Catch™ Pro 900 Premier XC or so called “transformer trap” is capable of attracting mosquitoes and other biting insects from as far away as 120 feet.  This state-of-the-art machine employs a sophisticated infrared energy source combined with an integrated LED lighting display, which produces light in the visible and invisible spectrum at oscillating frequencies known to attract most mosquito species.

An optional upgrade kit (sold separately) converts or ‘transforms’ the Premier XC to top-of-the-line Ultra trap specifications, making it Carbon Dioxide (CO2) capable.   While Mega-Catch™ Traps don’t need CO2 to attract mosquitoes, operation of the patented CO2 Gas Attractant System does enable the trap to replicate a key feature of human and animal respiration by releasing or ‘exhaling’ variable amounts of CO2 into the air plume.  Mosquitoes then use this air plume to navigate their way to the trap.  Use of this system while optional, can increase the capture rates of a wider range of mosquito species by as much as 300 to 400%.


Completely Impressed
“What with all the differing reviews out there with competitive products to the Mega Catch, I was hesitant to actually order one. I should have ordered this months ago. SUPER easy to set up, caught over 4 dozen skeeters from sundown to sunrise the first time used. No propane, no breakdowns, just sweet delicious mosquito death. I live in Florida and after a huge rain where I had some standing water in my backyard I set the Mega Catch up and away we went. I havent’ used the Luminol scent addition yet but may order one just for fun. Just used 2 drops of dishwashing soap with 4 TBS. of cranberry juice and man those mosquitos were very attracted to the whole operation. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy a wooded backyard WITHOUT uninvited mosquito guests”.  source

It Works!!!
“For each of the past four years I purchased a SkeeterVac because no matter what I did, the SkeeterVac did not work the following season. This year I purchased the Premier XC because I was tired of replacing the SkeeterVac and the requisite propane.”

“Last Saturday morning I was laying sod in my yard. Even with a repellant applied, I had 10 or more mosquitoes around me. I saw the FedEx guy bring the XC so I decided to take a break and get the unit set up. I read everything fairly quickly but did notice the statement that I should not expect instant results. I got everything assembled and decided to go with the wet method. I used 3 or 4 drops of
Dawn and 3 or 4 teaspoons of some juice. I live on a lake and I set up the unit under a deck that I built. The deck is on a slope that puts the bottom of the deck
8-12 feet off the ground. I turned the unit on and went back to laying sod.

Get this, I only had 1 mosquito nag me. From 10 or more to 1 with the unit first being turned on! I did as directed and did not include any of the attractants. My
neighbors walked by and wondered why was I not fighting mosquitoes and I told them that I just set up your trap. Even though the instructions say not to expect immediate results, I did indeed get immediate results and I am glad since the mosquito population in South Georgia is really large.” Source:
R.L. Moore Jr.